Are You Experiencing Anxiety or Panic Attacks?



Help Is Here – With Rapid, Effective Anxiety Treatment.

  • This may sound strange and yet Anxiety, in it’s right place is a very useful thing. It’s a reaction by our nervous system alerting us to a potential danger or threat.
  • This triggers our body to enter ‘fight or flight’ mode.
  • In fight or flight mode our heart and lungs increase activity, digestion slows down and muscles tense up.
  • Blood vessels in the muscles widen and in other parts of the body they narrow.
  • Energy is directed to the muscles. Pupils dilate, sweating and shaking begins. Tingling can be felt, particularly in the limbs.
  • Like a coiled spring, we quickly become ready to either fight off the threat or run away from it.
  • While it can be a very frightening feeling, this state offers us the greatest chance of survival from Real Danger.


Why Would Some One Experience Anxiety when there is NO Real Threat?

  • If the symptoms above sound familiar, its because fight or flight mode is Very Similar to the symptoms of Anxiety or Panic.
  • The Difference is that in Anxiety our reaction is NOT to a Real Threat, but rather to a Perceived or Imagined one.
  • Simply put, our minds are reacting to a Danger that is either Not There or else is Unlikely to Happen.


How Can We Overcome Anxiety?

  • Firstly, we need to understand what is going on in our minds and bodies so we can get at the root cause.
  • It’s useful to understand that Anxiety is not a State we enter into Consciously.
  • We generally enter fight or flight mode outside of our conscious, logical awareness.
  • It’s our Subconscious mind that Perceives the threat and triggers the bodies reaction.


How My Hypnotherapy Works For Anxiety.

  • Hypnosis works with the Subconscious mind, a part of the mind which is very active in identifying threats in our environment.
  • My treatment gives you the ability to make changes to your subconscious beliefs.
  • The old beliefs are modified and new powerful beliefs are established.
  • You still have a perfectly natural reaction to genuine danger without the suffering that Inappropriate Anxiety caused.
  • When you make these changes, you change the way you experience yourself in the world.
  • This Treatment Provides the opportunity to let go of inappropriate fears and step into being the calm, relaxed person that you are by nature.


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